50,000-Lb. Rotary HDI50


(2) 10 5/8” jacks, (1) movable jack and (1) fixed jack
Exclusive patented universal saddle and adapters
Front pit covers
Low pressure in-ground lift
Movable jack positioned hydraulically


Models: HDI50, HDI75
Capacity: 50,000 lbs. (HDI50), 75,000 lbs. (HDI75)
Capacity (front piston): 25,000 lbs.
Capacity (center piston): N/A (HDI50), 25,000 lbs. (HDI75)
Capacity (rear piston): 25,000 lbs.
Power unit: 10hp
Pressure: 350
Oil capacity: 106 gal.
Rise (front piston): 66”
Rise (center piston): N/A (HDI50), 69″ (HDI75)
Rise (rear piston): 69”
Piston Diameter (front piston): 10 5/8”
Piston diameter (center piston): N/A (HDI50), 10 5/8″ (HDI75)
Piston diameter (rear piston): 10 5/8”
Std. adapter adj. (front piston): 19 1/8” – 44”
Std. adapter adj. (center piston): N/A (HDI50), 19 1/8” – 44” (HDI75)
Std. adapter adj. (rear piston): 19 1/8” – 44”
Drive through/over clearance: 4 1/4”


Traditional in-ground lifts come with everything needed to meet the needs of your fleet service repairs. Designed and installed in their own containment system they offer an affordable solution for anyone looking to engage larger vehicle via the axles. This type of lift offers wheels free access, takes up less space in the shop because it is in the ground when not in use. You simply drive over the saddle when the lift is fully down.

New locking system — lower to locks is standard equipment on the new 70Q traditional in-ground.

New upright control console — the upright control console eliminates the need to bend down to run the lift and operates from a comfortable, standing position.

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