7000-Lb. Rotary SPOA7-LPA


Adjustable lift height options
ALI Gold Certified (SPOA7X5LX)
Asymetrical column design
Available with Shockwave™
Lifts available in blue and red
Original “Double S” column design


Adapters: round
Capacity: 7000 lbs.
Rise: 71 3/8″ to 73 5/8″
Rise with Shockwave: 74 3/8″ to 76 5/8″
Overall height: 11′ 8 1/2″
Overall height with Shockwave: 12′ 4 1/2″
Required ceiling height: 12′
Required ceiling height with Shockwave: 12′ 6″
Overall width: 11′ 5 3/8″
Drive through width: 95 1/4″
Inside columns: 107 1/4″
Front arm (min./max.): 23 1/4″–33 1/2″
Rear arm (min./max.): 33 1/2″–54 3/4″
Min. adapter height: 3 3/8″
Motor/Voltage: 2 HP/208-230V
Motor/Voltage with Shockwave: 5 HP/110V
Time of full rise/decent: 45 secs. (1ph)
Min. bay size: 12’ x 24′
Time of rise/descent: 45 / 40 seconds
Time of rise/descent with Shockwave: 25 / 19 seconds


SPOA7-LPA 2-stage low-profile arms with round RA adapters reach a variety of vehicles with ease. Round polymer adapters come standard with asymmetric lift models that thread up or have optional stackable inserts creating greater lifting options. No metal-to-metal contact. Low-profile, two-stage arms with thread-up adapters. Shorter arm gusset for greater clearance closer to the lift carriage. Minimum arm reach and overall arm sweep means technicians have the ability to precisely spot and lift unibody sport and compact profile vehicle designs.

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